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Social Skill Play and Leisure Groups Structured social skill play and leisure groups for children with developmental delays, language delays, social skills impairments and Autism Spectrum Disorders aging approximately from 2 to 15 years old will be provided to address your child’s pragmatic, communication and play/leisure skill needs. Pragmatic skills addressed will include joint attention, initiation, negotiation, compromising, communication, imagination and language.

The groups normally are set up in the natural environment of a home or other mutually agreed upon space and typically run one-two times a week for 30-60minutes over an eight week span. The group usually consists of a child with special needs and 2 typically developing peer models. Typically developing peers should have age appropriate social and play/leisure skills. Group size will depend upon the targeted children’s needs.

Parents are encouraged to form the playgroups, however, Autism Educational Solutions can assist with networking as needed.

Goals from each child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be selected to measure progress and an assessment will be completed to determine your child’s needs for the social skill group. Based on the assessment, our team will develop an Individualized Social and Play/Leisure Skill Plan. The group will be structured and led by specialists with parental training to assist in supporting the group if interested and needed.

The structured social skill groups will follow a consistent ritual and utilize play/leisure theme choices that are of high interest and age appropriate to the children in the group. All the materials needed to structure and support the social skills playgroup will be provided.

Educational Consultation/Advocacy

Services for Families

Autism Educational Solutions supports the unique needs of families that have a child with an autism spectrum disorder. Our independent team has extensive training and experience using a variety of research-based strategies in the school and home settings. We can provide expertise in all areas of educational programming. Some examples of the services we provide are:

Completion of educational assessments
Review of existing educational evaluations
Review of your child’s current Individualized Education Program (IEP) with recommendations for improvement
Preparation of your child’s present levels of educational performance, recommended goals and accommodations
Parent preparation for IEP meetings
Parent and caregiver training to address goals in the home setting
Assistance with organizing and visually structuring play space areas to meet your child’s needs
Toilet training as well as systems to address self-help skills
The creation of data collection systems to review progress
Development and training on the implementation of Functional Behavior Assessments

Information about Tracey Greenwood

Tracey Greenwood is the owner and founder of Autism Educational Services. She holds a special education teaching credential in early childhood and grades kindergarten through high school. Tracey has a B. S. degree in Special Education from Ohio University and a M. A. degree in teaching from National University, graduating magna cum laude from both schools. She has 17 years experience in the public schools as both a special education teacher and an Autism Program Specialist. Tracey has over 400 hours in training on Autism Spectrum Disorders and research-based related strategies and methodologies. These research-based strategies and methodologies include Applied Behavior Analysis (Verbal Behavior, Discrete Trial Training and Pivotal Response Training), Structured Teaching Model (TEACCH), Floortime Model, Picture Exchange Communication, Sensory Integration and Social Skill Strategies. She brings experience in developing, implementing and supervising developmentally appropriate programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This includes utilizing a variety of assessment tools and developing Individualized Education Programs. She has worked directly with parents by leading parent support groups, conducting training and implementing strategies in the home setting. Tracey has also been an adjunct professor at George Washington University, teaching graduate students in elementary and special education. In addition, she has supervised students in their university teacher training programs.

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