Spirit Open Equestrian Program

Spirit Open Equestrian Program

Frying Pan Park’s equestrian facility
2709 West Ox Road, Herndon, VA


Davorka Suvak
Program Director

Improving Life Skills Through Horesmanship Therapy

Spirit Open Equestrian Program is devoted to providing individuals with physical, cognitive or emotional disabilities and diseases safe and fun horseback riding and other horse-related activities.

Spirit provides therapeutic and recreational horseback riding for individuals with physical, mental, social and emotional disabilities, disorders and diseases. Whether you or your child are living with the effects of a disease or disability, or are looking for a way to help increase self-esteem and confidence, check how Equine Assisted Therapy may help.

General Indications for Equine Assisted Therapy:

Population: Children (ages 2+) and adults with mild to severe neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction
Medical Conditions: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Genetic Syndromes, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorders, Speech-Language Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Stroke
Impairments: Abnormal muscle tone, impaired balance responses, impaired coordination, impaired communication, impaired sensorimotor function, postural asymmetry, poor postural control, decreased mobility, and limbic system dysfunction related to arousal and attention skills

Spirit Open Equestrian Program Education

What We Learn About, and Which Skills We Develop?

A special connection exists between horses and people. The spirit of the horse has inspired people to explore new possibilities and communicate at a more honest level. Working with horses in the coaching process builds trust. The experiences we guide our riders through will develop focus, confidence, teamwork and negotiation skills. The tools learned here can be applied in the work place and life.

Benefits of working with Horses:

Enhances problem solving skills
Provides an appreciation for differences and diversity
Provides a motivational learning environment
Learn when to ask and when to tell
Stretch your comfort zone and overcome fears
Build Confidence

Horses are remarkable teachers of leadership and teamwork facilitators of human development. They have an amazing ability to resonate with our true emotions and reflect back to us our authentic self. It is not about horsemanship, nor do you ride the horse, it’s about working with the horse for your personal awareness and professional development.

We were born natural leaders trusting our senses and responding in an authentic and natural way. To be a Natural Leader is to become more aware of our present leadership capacity, rediscover our inherent natural leadership capabilities and to live in alignment with who we are, the values we embody and the actions we take.

In this time of complexity, rapid change and instability it is essential to balance the vast technological resources and information from the outer world with the instinct, self awareness inner knowing and authentic relationship.

Horses and people partner for action based, discovery focused, in the moment, learning experiences relevant to real time issues and authentic work situations.

And there is even much more…


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Spirit Open Equestrian Program