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Our purpose is to give you peace of mind. Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) administers affordable and efficient third party Special Needs and self-funded Pooled Disability Trusts for people with disabilities. CCT staff members are knowledgeable about the rules governing trusts for clients receiving Supplemental SecurityIncome (SSI) and Medicaid in order to preserve these benefits. As of 2010, CCT has over 750 clients nationwide with $21.5 million funded trusts.

About Commonwealth Community Trust

Commonwealth Community Trust (CCT) is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 1990 by family members who have a loved one with a disability and by concerned professionals.

CCT Administers two types of trusts:

The third party Special Needs Trust is established by a family member or friend.
The self-funded Pooled Disability Trust is established with the Beneficiary’s own funds.

The mission of CCT is to administer Special Needs Trusts so that people with disabilities and their loved ones can plan for their financial future. For clients who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Medicaid, the trust will not jeopardize government benefits.

CCT is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of at least two members who are related to an individual with a disability, legal and financial professionals and experts who work in the disabilities field.

The Trust Company of Virginia, a licensed and bonded investment corporation, was selected by the CCT Board of Directors to manage and invest the funds.

Commonwealth Community Master Trust Agreements allow the Trustee to administer the trusts under the umbrella of the “master.” Both the self-funded Pooled Disability Trust and the third party Special Needs Master Trust Agreements were written by an Estate Planning Attorney with expertise in this area of the law and signed by the Board of Directors and the Trust Company of Virginia.

CCT serves clients who have a disability based on the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled. A third party Special Needs Trust can be established for Beneficiaries of any age. The self-funded Pooled Disability Trust can be established for anyone under age 65. Requirements differ for clients 65 and older who receive Medicaid long term care, and the rules may be different for each state.

Financial statements are mailed quarterly or can be accessed through the internet.
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