WholeMe! Programs, LLC

WholeMe! Programs, LLC

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT, Founder

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WholeMe! Programs, LLC is an educational and interactive consulting program which works with families in their own home across the Washington, DC metro area. The in-home series consists of Dance Move Whole, Children’s Yoga and understanding social-emotional development through experiential learning. It’s a lot of fun and educational for parents and their children, a great opportunity for family bonding while supporting wellness. This is an in-home series that travels right to the family’s home in the Washington, DC metro area!

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT has her Master of Science in Dance Movement Therapy from The Pratt Institute in New York City. She is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist through the American Dance Therapy Association and she is a Children’s Yoga Teacher through Radiant Child Yoga Program. Brigitta is the Founder of The WholeMe! Programs, LLC which serves to nurture and support the social and emotional development of infants and children through Movement, Yoga, and the Expressive Arts. Prior to founding WholeMe! Programs, Brigitta worked as a Dance Movement Therapist at various hospitals and health settings to most recently include Children’s National Medical Center. Here she worked with all ages and populations and brought her work, supporting the social and emotional development of children to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Inpatient Psychiatry, to children with special needs, and to infants, toddlers and children with various medical issues. Additionally, she loved educating and interacting with the parents of these hospitalized children. After training in children’s yoga, she began to integrate the
discipline with dance movement therapy. The children she served responded so enthusiastically and her program was well received. How could more families learn and understand how nonverbal communication and movement help to support the social and emotional development of their children?

Brigitta strongly felt that such a program needed to be available for families in their community, this program needed to be for everybody. Thus, WholeMe! Programs, LLC was born in 2010.

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT also provides workshops for parents and speaking engagements to parent groups.


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WholeMe! Programs, LLC