Integrative Therapy Services for Children and Families Inc.

Integrative Therapy Services for Children and Families Inc.
Georgia DeGangi, Ph.D. OTR
Clinical Developmental Psychologist
10605 Concord St., Suite 100
Kensington, MD 20895

Our Professionals

ITS-PALSS (Integrated Therapy Services: Psychological and Learning Support Services) is dedicated to the emotional and developmental health of children, adolescents, adults, and families. Caring, highly experienced psychologists and special educators provide comprehensive services to support positive adjustment, learning success, and healthy relationships. ITS-PALSS providers have the capacity to offer close interdisciplinary collaboration with professionals from ITS-DTS and ITS-ICAP who offer speech and language and occupational therapy services, and psychiatry expertise.

Who We Serve

ITS-PALSS provides services to clients experiencing a range of challenges including:

ADHD, Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity
Anxiety (including excessive shyness, fears, withdrawal)
Attachment & Separation Difficulties
Eating & Sleeping Problems
Extreme Aggression, Oppositional & Disruptive Behavior
School Adjustment Problems
Social Emotional Difficulties related to Sensory Processing Problems
Autistic Spectrum Disorders Including Asperger’s Syndrome
Depression & Other Mood Difficulties
Social Skills Difficulties & Interpersonal Problems
Adoption Issues
Post-Partum Depression
Developmental Disabilities Including Genetic & Chromosomal Abnormalities
Learning Disabilities

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Integrative Therapy Services for Children and Families Inc.