Here you’ll find listed some really great and creative places for kids just to have fun. They will strengthen their bodies and explore their imaginations without it having to be “work” for them.


Art at the Center
Exceptional Children’s Center
WholeMe! Programs, LLC


Create Arts Center
WVSA ARTs Connection
Imagination Stage’s AccessAbility Program

Art at the Center

2804 Sherwood Hall Lane
Alexandria, VA 22306

Art at the Center is an art studio designed specifically for children and their families. We emphasize the use of natural and recycled materials as well as traditional art media. The studio is a learning laboratory where experimentation is encouraged and students can practice thinking skills and problem solving as they engage in projects. The arts are seen as languages for children to express their ideas, working both individually and collaboratively in a group setting. The studio environment is designed to provoke curiosity and wonder and to encourage active engagement with the materials and with each other. Peer feedback and building relationships is a key part of the creative and learning process.

The idea for Art at the Center came from our desire to collaborate as educators and to create a place for exploring the connections between arts and learning. Our studio is inspired by the ateliers in the schools of Reggio Emilia Italy, and informed by education theories emphasizing inquiry-based learning.

Exceptional Children’s Center

7001 A Loisdale Road
Springfield, VA 22150
Fax: 703-971-0606

Exceptional Children’s Center practice is located in Alexandria Virginia. Our mission is to implement interventions that are family centered and have a profound effect on the life of a child. We closely follow new therapy intervention developments in the field and incorporate them into our practice when appropriate. In addition to providing children Occupational and Physical therapy sessions in our SI clinic we also provide families with carryover plans that are individualized for home routines for parent ease and child success! Our staff is dedicated to each child we meet, assisting each child in realizing his or her innate potential.
E-Newsletter List:
Mailing Address:
1606 Village Market Blvd. SE
#411, Leesburg, VA 20175

WholeMe! Programs, LLC is an educational and interactive consulting program which works with families in their own home across the Washington, DC metro area. The in-home series consists of Dance Move Whole, Children’s Yoga and understanding social-emotional development through experiential learning. It’s a lot of fun and educational for parents and their children, a great opportunity for family bonding while supporting wellness. This is an in-home series that travels right to the family’s home in the Washington, DC metro area!

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT has her Master of Science in Dance Movement Therapy from The Pratt Institute in New York City. She is a Registered Dance Movement Therapist through the American Dance Therapy Association and she is a Children’s Yoga Teacher through Radiant Child Yoga Program. Brigitta is the Founder of The WholeMe! Programs, LLC which serves to nurture and support the social and emotional development of infants and children through Movement, Yoga, and the Expressive Arts. Prior to founding WholeMe! Programs, Brigitta worked as a Dance Movement Therapist at various hospitals and health settings to most recently include Children’s National Medical Center. Here she worked with all ages and populations and brought her work, supporting the social and emotional development of children to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Inpatient Psychiatry, to children with special needs, and to infants, toddlers and children with various medical issues. Additionally, she loved educating and interacting with the parents of these hospitalized children. After training in children’s yoga, she began to integrate the discipline with dance movement therapy. The children she served responded so enthusiastically and her program was well received. How could more families learn and understand how nonverbal communication and movement help to support the social and emotional development of their children? Brigitta strongly felt that such a program needed to be available for families in their community, this program needed to be for everybody. Thus, WholeMe! Programs, LLC was born in 2010.

Brigitta White, MS, R-DMT also provides workshops for parents and speaking engagements to parent groups.

Create Arts Center

816 Thayer Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Accepts children with mild disabilities who can be integrated into a typical classroom setting. Also works individually and in small groups with
autistic children.

WVSA ARTs Connection

1100 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20036-4802

WVSA ARTs connection (formerly Washington Very Special Arts) is a dynamic nonprofit organization that has served Washington, DC area children and youth with special needs, special talents, and special skills since 1981. Employing the arts as an innovative method of education, WVSA provides the tools for success in school, in adulthood, and in life, through an employment- training program and associated outreach programs.

Imagination Stage’s AccessAbility Program

4908 Auburn Ave.
Bethesda, MD

Provides supportive, safe access to theater arts classes for young people with physical, developmental, language and/or cognitive disabilities.

At Imagination Stage: Everybody Plays!

Access at Imagination Stage endeavours to create an inclusive and welcoming environment and equitable access to all artistic and educational programming for students, staff, and visitors of all abilities.

Imagination Stage offers:

  • Arts Access classes and programs designed specifically for the needs of students with cognitive, language, gross motor, or developmental disabilities.
  • Deaf Access classes and programs designed specifically for the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
  • Inclusion support for children of all abilities.

Imagination Stage encourages children of all abilities to discover and develop their full creative potential through the performing arts. We work with students and their caregivers to identify and provide the most successful scenario for each student whether in a peer group Access class or in a general classroom setting with reasonable and appropriate inclusion supports. All placements provide children a safe and welcoming environment to develop and enhance language, gross motor, developmental, cognitive, social and life-learning skills.

Imagination Stage is a National Affiliate of Kids Included Together. Inclusion in Imagination Stage Summer Camps is generously supported by the National Inclusion Project.